Thursday, March 9, 2017

What is Taizé worship?

In 1940 Brother Roger left Switzerland for France to recuperate from tuberculosis.  As World War II progressed, he felt a call to care for refugees fleeing the war.  Around him gathered a community of brothers who joined him in that work.  When the war concluded, the brothers looked for new ways of offering hospitality.  Young adults flock to the community for weekly sessions of study and prayer.  Now the Taizé community includes over 100 brothers from around the world and from both Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions.  And young people come by the thousands to spend time together in study and prayer.  More about the origins and current work at the Taizé community

Taizé worship reflects the hospitality of the community and their commitment to prayer and study.  In order to include people from around the world, songs of prayer are simple and sung repetitively.  Scripture is read in many languages.  Long periods of silence allow participants to draw close to God.

In the Triangle area of North Carolina, Taizé worship is as diverse as the congregations which sponsor the services.  Yet each reflects the original community's commitment to hospitality, prayer and study.  Expect to hear scripture read, to sing simple songs repetitively, and most of all, to be welcomed warmly.